Books for class 9th students

Here are some of the other helpful books:
(Note - I have not used all of them but by some or the other source, I have good reviews of these books. I have carefully checked these books to ensure that you are redirected to the correct edition in the links below)

Book for class 9th students: Parents who want their children to be IITians in future must teach them to think and not just cram things from the very beginning. Although it might sound crazy, but I have many friends who started their JEE preparation in class 8th and complete HC Verma in class 9th and 10th. So its always good to start early.


Here are more books you can find

A word of advice for parents: I humbly request all the parents to not burden your child at this early age. I understand that IIT JEE is a tough examination, but your son/daughter will get plenty of time to prepare for the examination. 2 years of class 11th and 12th are sufficient.
At this age I believe, you should focus more on making them understand the importance of "understanding" a concept rather than cramming it. This will help them in the long run - ultimately you want your child to be successful in life and not just an IITian :)


  1. dude you have such great writing did you develop it? it because of the "ICSE english" factor?

    1. I scored 78/100 in English in ICSE so that should give you an idea of how important is "ICSE english" factor here :P

  2. Do you also used to solve foundation books in your class 9 and 10?