List of all the books that are useful

Note: Exemplar problems have been added at the end of this post

I have updated the books section.
I have added a few more books (for class 8th, 9th and 10th students) and some other useful books mentioned below:

Important Note: There are several forge publishers of LG Wade selling forge editions (with similar cover page as well!)
Here is the book which is absolutely correct and checked by me (I personally recommend buying this book because this is the best book for organic chemistry). If you have the slightest doubt on which book to buy, buy the one below. Note that this book is so good that it is recommended in the B.Tech first year, IIT Bombay Organic chemistry course.

Note that this is the case with several other books as well. So if you are in doubt, then do not mail me asking about which edition to buy (I am receiving tonnes of mails about that -_-)
If you have the slightest of doubt, simply buy the edition linked below because I have checked that the editions below are correct.

Here is a comprehensive list of ALL the books. Don't get overwhelmed seeing this long list.
Also, I will not appreciate questions like "which edition to buy", because I am adding appropriate links below of the editions which I have myself used and are definitely worth purchasing.
Note that I did not use all of the books below. Some of them are famous but I did not use them because some other book was sufficient. So, you need not buy them all.

Past year JEE papers: very very very very very important. Solve each and every question earnestly and make sure to learn from the questions which you weren't able to solve. Also note that you should always refer to the solution of the book even if you correctly got the answer yourself. This helps you to cross check your solution as well as learn some (possibly) new solution given in the book. The below past year papers contain more or less the same content. You can choose any of them.



Guidebook: The book below is authored by my friend and senior Arpit Agarwal, who was AIR 1 in JEE 2012. Arpit is currently a fourth year undergraduate at IIT Delhi. Arpit helped me a lot during the last 2 months of JEE by clearing a number of non academic doubts and helping me to develop the required examination temperament. I have never seen such a humble and down to earth person.
As a JEE aspirant, I did not get a chance to read his book because it was published after JEE was over. But I myself bought this book after giving JEE and enjoyed a read. It will show you what distinguishes a JEE top ranker from a dreamer. A must buy book indeed :)
The other book is by Nitin Jain, AIR 1, JEE 2009. I read this book and this book shows you how AIR 1 differs from the rest of the JEE rankers. This book was available online somewhere buy I am not able to find it now.


Coming to the books of individual subjects:











Exemplar Problems: These are the solutions to the exemplar problems prescribed by CBSE. These are must for those who are aiming a good rank in JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Note that the problems aren't highly conceptual or something, but they really are useful for competitive exams and you can surely find some lifted question in JEE Main



In this link you can find some really good books that are most commonly used by JEE aspirants

Note: Brilliant YG files and Akash's Success Magnet (I did not find a link to it) are really good. Also, the material provided by Resonance is excellent and that's why I have added its link here on this page under the others section.


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