Books for class 8th students

Here are some of the other helpful books:
(Note - I have not used all of them but by some or the other source, I have good reviews of these books. I have carefully checked these books to ensure that you are redirected to the correct edition in the links below)

Book for class 8th students: Parents who want their children to be IITians in future must teach them to think and not just cram things from the very beginning. Although it might sound crazy, but I have many friends who started their JEE preparation in class 8th and complete HC Verma in class 9th and 10th. So its always good to start early.


I personally like the books by RD Sharma and so I will recommend the following book as well:

Books by Disha Publications are also good (I used one of the books during my JEE preparation, which I do not remember, but it was good for basics)

Here are some more:


Amazon has some really good collection of books which might be helpful

A word of advice for parents: I humbly request all the parents to not burden your child at this early age. I understand that IIT JEE is a tough examination, but your son/daughter will get plenty of time to prepare for the examination. 2 years of class 11th and 12th are sufficient.
At this age I believe, you should focus more on making them understand the importance of "understanding" a concept rather than cramming it. This will help them in the long run - ultimately you want your child to be successful in life and not just an IITian :)


  1. Hello
    Aman I have many question for you I hope you reply me my son is in class 5 he is a above avreg student he appear for junior maths and science olympiad every year I want make him topper of iit jee 2023 what can I do right now what prepration need for it can I send him kota for foundation course after 7 or I. Teach him at home from foundation books like bma, mtg etc for class 6 please reply me

    1. Don't ruin his childhood.. Let him breathe please :) I suggest you atleast not to think about JEE or IIT until he comes to class 9nth :)

  2. I am not good at my basics and thinking to start my preparations from a basic level where I can understand my concepts well and then start the challenging questions. I am in class 9th. what books should I refer to start from the smallest and simplest basic concept in physics and chemistry and then go to a challenging part ?